About Eugene

Eugene Taylor "AKA Blue Jean" was an intelligent young man with larger than life aspirations. A product of California, by way of Michigan, he managed to survive a complex upbringing in the streets of LA.

A natural straight A student with an innate ability to solve complex mathematical equations, and break them down into the simplest of terms, would be deprived of the education he sought as a result of ongoing societal changes and conflict.

As a new father, Eugene had a fresh outlook on life. In his final days, he was excited about the future, relocating his family, raising his daughter, and returning to finish his education. Our many nights on the campus of U of M restored his desire to finish what we'd started... I'd become a lawyer, he'd become an Engineer. That was the plan.

The plan was interrupted.

The evening before he was to return to California for his family, Eugene was ambushed outside of his apartment while sitting in the passenger seat of a car. The driver, uninjured, sped away to continue what we later realize was a set up. On a dark country road, the shooter(s) emptied numerous rounds into him before fleeing the scene for the final time. To date, the killer(s) remain at large. Not only was he robbed of his life, they stole his possessions from his body and his residence. The plan ended on March 23, 1996 when Eugene Taylor was murdered.

In March 2003, the vision was born. Bleu Genez Foundation was formed to celebrate the legacy and memory of Eugene. The organization has spun a tragic event into a positive journey. We reach young African-American males in the community who are struggling to co-exist in a society quick to destroy their being.  Bleu Genez Foundation is an academic resource that promotes academic excellence, high scholastic achievement, community service, and commitment and service to all mankind.  The foundation aims to support challenged African-American males who have made the decision to overcome barriers by continuing their education.  Bleu Genez Foundation supports these males by awarding monetary scholarships to financially challenged students.  Recipients of this award demonstrate distinction and display the desire to succeed.  In addition, Bleu Genez Foundation is a positive role model in the community through mentorship and public service.  It is our goal to continue spreading our message and helping build stronger, brilliant young minds.