About Bleu Genez

Bleu Genez Foundation was established in March 2003.  Bleu Genez awards scholarships to academically talented, highly motivated, financially challenged African-American males. These young men must be enrolled at four-year universities and matriculating as full-time students.

Our program was founded to honor the life and memory of Eugene "Blue Jean", who among many things was a leader, servant, scholar, and unifying force.

The foundation encourages superior scholastic achievement throughout  minority communities.  Specifically, the program places distinction on African-American males who have demonstrated a desire to succeed through the advancement of education.  Bleu Genez Foundation seeks to accelerate the attainment of such goals by promoting academic excellence, providing academic resources and guidance, and awarding those individuals who demonstrate a financial need for assistance.

Our program is more than a scholarship provider.  Bleu Genez Foundation and its members are active participants throughout our communities.  With a vast spectrum of professions and possibilities available, Bleu Genez Foundation seeks to empower the next generation to elevate to new heights! It is our mission to encourage and cultivate an optimal learning experience, increase awareness of community, and continue striving for excellence!

Bleu Genez is a non-profit organization made possible by time, talent, and contribution. We appreciate donations and support of any value!